Friday, November 16, 2012

Robert De Niro BLASTS Jay-Z For Being "Disrespectful"

Iconic actor Robert De Niro is said to have given Jay-Z a good reading at Leonardo DiCaprio's birthday party, calling him "rude & disrespectful". Find out what upset Hov's Tribeca neighbor inside and get the deets on Hurricane Sandy fundraisers that Kanye West and Nicki Minaj will be involved in....

When Robert De Niro answer. And if you aren't'd better call him back. At least that was the message given to Hip Hop mogul Jay-Z who had the audacity to ignore one of the most respected men in New York.

Shown above with his wife Grace Hightower, Robert confronted Jay-Z the other night at Leonardo DiCaprio's A-list birthday bash at The Darby in Manhattan. It seems that Jay had agreed to record a song for the Tribeca Film Festival (the upscale movie showcase that De Niro founded in remembrance of 9/11) and Robert was interested in talking about it.

But the problem is....he could never get the rapper on the phone. In fact, he called him six times and Jay still didn't call him back. Needless to say....Mr. De Niro is not used to being ignored and he was not pleased.

So when Jay got to the party, Robert confronted him. While some sources say the conversation was heated (on Robert's part) other's say it was a private conversation that was overheard by others. A source told Page Six,

"Bob wasn’t in any mood to make polite conversation. He told Jay that if somebody calls you six times, you call them back. It doesn’t matter who you are, that is just rude. De Niro kept telling him that he thinks he’s the man, but that he was disrespectful.’ ”

Jay tried to joke it off, Robert was still pissy. At one point, Beyonce walked across the room and tried to intervene and still....that ish didn't work.

Uh oh...

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