Friday, November 2, 2012

Hello November - Part 1

It was love at first sight but it was not happily ever after. Not straight away anyway.
The first time we met was in late March or early April. Gonzalo was friends with Nick who was dating my friend Alana. We were both invited to Alana's house for dinner. I remember thinking Gonzalo had a cool name before I even met him. When I did meet him, my initial impression was 'nothing special'. He was drawing on the couch and everyone was crowding around him and complimenting him on his drawing. I didn't see the fuss and wasn't very impressed with his drawings. He drew me and I thought he made me look terrible - like an old woman with dark circles for eyes.
It wasn't until later in the night that Gonzalo and I started talking, just the two of us. I was not and still am not a very big talker but he got me talking. We talked for at least an hour and I remember thinking 'This is the best conversation of my life'. I went to sleep that night thinking about Gonzalo, intrigued.

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