Sunday, March 22, 2015

While you're fast asleep

Do you experience nervousness or shakiness inside, [?] or dizziness? The idea that so much can control your thoughts. [?] in your thoughts. Trouble remembering things, feeling easily annoyed and irritated. Afraid of open spaces, going in public. Thoughts of ending your life. Feelings that most people could not be trusted, chest pains
I feel like that
I feel like this
Do you feel tempered outbursts, that you cannot control? Feeling lonely, even when you been through, feeling locked. Feeling a little sad, feeling disinterested in things, feeling fearful. Are your feelings easily hurt? Remember that people are unfriendly, or do you feel like people dislike you?
Do you have trouble falling asleep? Nausea, upset stomach, pop those pills? Numbness, tingling across your body, trouble catchin' your breath?
I feel like that all the time


All your Mama ever made was trophies

Friday, March 6, 2015


Georgina Glanville and Gonzalo Ceballos are interested in the ways that artistic practice reflects personal motivation and the lives of artists’. This collaborative exhibition aims to explore this concept through unrealised ideas that have existed in each of the artists’ imaginations for some time. They argue that these recurring ideas are perhaps the closest representation of who that artist is, precisely because they have lived within the artist’s mind for so long.
For this exhibition, both artists have realised a work that they have been thinking about for some time. A collaborative sculptural piece will sit alongside individual works by each artist, and will help the viewer to question what makes an artist’s practice uniquely theirs.