Monday, November 5, 2012

Hello November - Part 2

I was really excited when Alana told me that Gonzalo asked her to invite me to a party. I'd been secretly thinking about him but hadn't told anyone. I still didn't tell Alana.
I put a lot of thought into my outfit that night. I wore jeans, runners and the orange knitted jumper my mum had made me. Doesn't really sound like anything special but it was carefully planned.
Gonzalo wore all white that night and had his hair bleached to be kind of light brown. Not really that attractive but it didnt put me off. What did put me off was how he acted. I was hanging out to talk to him and when we finally did talk I thanked him for inviting me. He said something like 'Thats ok, I invited lots of people.' I was shattered! I thought he had especially invited me.
The rest of the night, he didn't exactly go out of his way to talk to me. I was really disappointed.
Then, when we were leaving, Gonzalo ran up to me and said 'When will I see you again?' I was grumpy and said 'I don't know, maybe never' and I walked off.
Afterwards I wondered why he asked me that but started to stop thinking about him.
Just over a week later, Alana called me and said Gonzalo wanted to ask me out. She didn't think I'd be interested and was quite shocked when I revealed I'd had a crush on him and wanted to say yes! He asked Alana to get me to call him but I said 'No way! If he wants to ask me out, he can call me!'
He called me the next day.

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