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Interview with Gonzalo Ceballos

Gonzallo is a dear friend that I met a few years back when we both studied painting at VCA together, I was always a bit shy of him at first because he is such a sociable person and not afraid to get things done! Seeing his exhibitions over the years I fell in love with his maximalist style which as you can see is full of life and humor. Knowing him as a friend I know how much he loves some of the great artists from history and its interesting to see his religious take on documenting their quotes and lives through drawings and paintings. He also includes the artists that he is friends with which is flattering and an a different way of seeing the young artists of melbourne portrayed as they are  mixed in with the likes of Frida and Picasso. When I went to see his work at Brunswick Arts Space I was overwhelmed by his work that covered the walls of the back room which instilled a celebration of life and living amongst other people as well as the cult of art and art history. 
I had the lucky chance of interviewing Gonzalo about his work:
1. You seem to be really interested in other artists but not only their work but their lives and personalities too, why? 
I love artists
2. Who are the main artists that you are interested in? 
Frida and Matisse
. Renuka Rajiv . Laura Mc Mohon
. Minna Gilligan . Georgina Glanville . Cheralyn Lim . Georgina Cue . Haley Rose . Nellie Reinhard . Kenny Pittock . Mercel Feillafe . Mariana Jandova . Lucina Lane . Inez De Vega . Christopher LG Hill . Darcey Bella Arnold . Sally Marshall . kati Elizabeth . Lotte Schwerdtfeger . Georgia Anson . Zhen (Dia Zhen Chew) . Hannah Beth Raisin . Amy May Stuar . llia Rosli . Priya Vanaki Singh . Antonia Ellie . Lyndal May Stewart . Dawn Tan
3. Ive heard you talk alot about very famous artists in history like picasso and frida, why are you so interested in these big name artists?
I have a fascination with mythology and history . In the art world the biggest names are looked up to as gods.
4. Alot of your work Ive seen is often 2d like paintings or drawings, have you ever done some sculpture work? or will you in the future?
I have made many sculptures and played with 3-D objects . My favorite sculpture was 'Ultimate Cosmic Powers'.It had a golden genie lamp on the top of several layers made of different objects. It was placed in a round plastic swimming pool that had fish swimming in it. In my latest exhibition I recreated the sword in the stone With the help of my friend Cheralyn (Cheralyn Lim) and made a life sized version of myself lying dead. the idea was a crossed between King Midas with the help of my friend Georgie (Georgina Glanville) it was made possible I have lots of ideas for future sculptures.
5. Are there any tv shows, books, movies in particular (things outside of art) that heavily impact on the art you make?
I grew up in the 80s and 80s cartoons are the best . I will always remember watching thundercats in Chile and then coming to Australia and waking up in the morning and thundercats was on tv. So for me it made the transaction very easy because the food was a little different and everybody spoke another language but the cartoons were exactly the same - all my favorites. Nothing had changed but the location.
When I was little my brother had a great comic collection and I really looked up to him but he never let me touch his comics. So whenever he was out of the house I would go into his bedroom and sit there and look through his entire collection . As a young boy I had a problem with reading and writing . I remember when I was young my brother would read to me . My favorite was the flash. I would sit next to him and he would read out loud . It was many years later that I would have the ability to read . Comics are great because you can just look at the pictures and understand to a certain extent what is happening . From a young age I have had great respect for the power of illustration.
6. I know that you enjoy anime does this affect the art you make? What anime are you watching now?
Anime is a huge part of my work I think because I have been watching it since I was young. A lot of things that I draw or paint might have some sexual behavior or blood but for me it's nothing . Anime has pretty much desensitized me when it comes to visual images . I am currently watching a couple of new TV shows and some old ones that are still running.
attack-on-titan . naruto-shippuden . sword-art-offline . fairy-tail .
7. How do you get most of the exhibitions your in? Do you write many proposals?
I actually don't like writing proposals. I am lucky enough to have people approach me to be in group exhibitions or galleries email me about opportunities.
8. what is in the future for you? do you have any exhibitions coming up?
I just had my retirement exhibition. It was something I planned on doing in 2012 while I was on vacation in Bali. Now I just plan on being a stay-at-home dad and taking care of my son. Arthur is my number one priority right now.
9. What is your greatest fear as an artist?
I used to have nightmares about going blind or my hands being chopped off but now I think it's more about leaving a legacy , something for my son to remember me by. Hopefully one day he will understand why I made the choices I've made and it will help him understand where he has come from.

By Georgia Anson 

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