Thursday, April 16, 2015

My [Exes] were right!

am now in a relationship that I never knew was even possible. I’m in love with my best friend who I shower with endless affection, talk to all times of the day and miss the moment I leave her side. I now understand what the women of my past desired from me. 

YOU’LL NEVER KNOW HOW MUCH OF A MAN YOU CAN BE UNTIL YOU TRULY LOVE SOMEONE BEYOND YOURSELF. I can say that I am now the very best version of myself and that’s due entirely to my relationship. My perspective is clear, my goals are defined, distractions are nonexistent, my business and personal relationships are stronger than ever. I don’t feel like “The Man,” anymore. I feel like A MAN."

Friday, April 10, 2015


Summer Nights

I hope we feel like this forever
Forever, forever ever, forever ever?
Forever never seems that long until you’re grown

Money comes and goes

Do what you’re heart tells you to do because the reward is that much better. I encourage you to always put your heart over a dollar sign because your heart is going to lead you to the right places, I could have gone any direction. When the opportunity presents itself it’ll put you in a place you never imagine.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Thought War

The art world is not a way of life, but more a manner of death.

I'm loyal to the soil

At the end of the day, you wanna always have real people around you, period, Whether it's male or female, everybody that's been around me, they've been around me since day one and I can't change that.