Thursday, January 9, 2014

Kylie Blackley

1. Do you keep a diary? 
1. Not regularly, but lots of note books.
2. What did you have for breakfast?
2. No routine apart from coffee.
3. What was your first work of art?
3. The first picture i remember planning and putting away to work on later, then start again when it went too wrong was trying to copy 'the monster at the end of this book'
4. Were you arty in high school?
4. Embarrassingly.
5. Do you get depressed if you don't work?
5. Yes. I don't usually realise until i draw something, and its an irrational relief. It's just what I needed to do and I don't know why i wasn't before.
6. Do you think that it is vanity to worry so much about what you look like?
6. I think so. There is the same disappointing gap between what I imagine i ought look like and reality, as the gap between what I imagine a picture will look like and what I can actually make.

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