Friday, November 21, 2014


“I keep posted on everybody that I made hits with cause it’s not about art with us no more. I might speak to G about not art every time. I might speak to C about no art, you name it. Most of the people I speak to in the industry it’s not about art. We have life conversations. And if we happen to do art that’s dope. But we gotta celebrate each other more. And I tell all my friends that in the industry. I say ‘Yo, we gotta celebrate each other more. When was the last time you sent somebody a card saying ‘happy birthday?’ When’s the last time you did something for somebody? When’s the last time you bought somebody something?’ You know what I’m saying? It’s like when R came up to me and he complimented my Basquiat chain, I gave that shit to him because that’s R. In other countries when somebody compliments something you give that shit to them. Especially if they’re worthy of it.”

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