Saturday, February 15, 2014

Georgia Powell

Sign - I'm a Taurus sun piscies moon sagittarius ascendent. 
Broken someone's heart? I had a boyfriend in grade 8 and when I broke up with him he climbed up a tree and cried.  
Shoplifted? I have stolen some small things over the years...straps for a bikini and deli meats.
Memory? Very hard question. Impossible to say. 
Partner or family more important? Family. But 'partner' is family?   
Second chances? Some things are forgiveable and others are not. 
Marijuana? Good sometimes. 
Love? The pits.
Movies or books? I guess books.
Blind or deaf? Definitely deaf. argh i type-oed dead twice. 
Believe in ghosts? Sometimes. I don't think I'm particularly in tune with the spirit world though. Not susceptible. I believe in aliens though. I think if you don't believe in aliens, ... you are wrong.
Still watch cartoons?  Not regularly. I would. I saw AH ! Real Monsters recently. That's a good one.

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