Sunday, December 22, 2013

Be unafraid to fail

"A true artist wants to maintain a good lifestyle. But the problem is that it is hard for them to make money because they have to deal with people they usually don’t want to deal with. Business implies doing things that you necessarily don’t want to do and doing it at a certain level. For artists, in order to get their art monetized, they probably need a true business person behind them.When you are creative, you simply have to figure out how to pay the bills. Sometimes there are things that can be monetized within your comfort zone and protect your artistry at the same time. So yea, there are things that I do that make money and there are things that I do that don’t make money — I simply do them because I’m inspired. It is great when you worry about something and you don’t have to bastardize it for the sake of the dollar. So for art, when you have a certain formula — and it has to be edited and adapted for a certain type of audience — it’s not art anymore. There are no rules and regulations with art. You have to compromise to some extent in order to be seen. You have to be willing to do that step. For artists, the internet is great because it provides you with a platform to do that without having to compromise. However, at the end of the day, you still have to figure out how to break bread and pay the bills. A real man takes care of himself and his family. So there has to be a balance. Figuring out how to keep your family alright and not be selfish while also being creative and inspired. That is true artistry. Protect that. You can’t really monetize something that is in its purest form. And I like things to be pure. I don’t like to compromise when it comes to certain things, but the bills have to get paid. It’s a clear line. You have to know what pays the bills and you have to know what is completely creative and uncompromisable and it’s not supposed to make money. But the fact that it’s so cool, usually ends up you making some money.

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