Monday, August 12, 2013

Days of Future Past

If you could stop Frieda from getting on the tram would you ? 

Kirrilee Bailey 
I wouldn't have stopped Kahlo from getting onto the bus, it was the main event that turned her towards art-making, and also informed at least a quarter of her paintings...I would've stepped back quietly, been very upset, then tried to befriend her in hospital. 

Alexandra Rijavec 
For her sake, yes for mine, no. She doesn't deserve to suffer so much pain but without that we wouldn't experience her art so emotive sad and beautiful 

Bea Heymann 
No but I would have told her to stay the fuck away from Diego pants!


Georgia Anson
This is a massive god like question! wow. You know I dont think i would stop frida getting on the tram. I dont think she would have wanted me to. I feel like she made such amazing art work
and she may have not discoverd her talent if she had not had the accident. I realise that she went through massive suffering but everyone suffers some way, hers is just more noticeable. It would have been a great loss for the art world. is that selfish? i dont know, but i feel like her getting over the acccident helped make her the amazing artist and person she was.

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