Friday, July 5, 2013

Newrules by Phoebe

Our first meeting was overdue. We had coffee at Alimentari on Brunswick St one morning. I see Louis as sitting up at a high wooden bench eating fruit salad inscribing a notebook with visions. Louis thinks and walks and when he talks his purposeful almost choreographed gestures. At this point he hadn't lost his maroon cap and wore it everywhere. That lies next to the notebook.

Louis and I rambling through plateaus of imagination. Then there's Minna crossing Brunswick Street in heart shaped glasses looking glamourous despite having partying all night with Gonzalo Ceballos. It had been Minna & Georgie Glanville's opening at Rearview the previous evening and we'd all been there dispersed among many.

Gonzalo is late and keeps his sunglasses on. I can feel a head fracturing like glass the aftermorning of cheap champagne. We all say Hi order coffee and are going to talk about the show. Ofcourse first we all talk about dancing.

My works aren't realised. I think I don't know these people. I think of how art possibly inheres. It is as if only feeling inheres and swings. Sometimes one is feeling thinking. This is so unplanned. How will the show come together when something is said about camouflaged wallpaper. Sometimes it's just best to do whatever you want.

Of installation I remember the newly dark psychology of Minna's Tie Dye dropped off in Louis room. I liked it. I thought of Dustin Hoffman floating his family pool in The Graduate.

Louis decides all KSAS openings are on the last day of the first month. Is that easy or difficult to organise. Something on wheels a trolley or a suitcase picks up the drinks from the Thirsty Camel.

Many friends and others sitting in Louis garden out back laughing and smoking drinking and sharing speaking. Dark foliage. Evening. Lotte and Rowans bedroom.

I drank some sake. Sometimes I get overexcited and forget all the people I forget how to be respectably excited. Such immanent fun the bright gallery.

I must thank Alice Mathieu for an everready support and counsel and bankrolling silk number from Opening Ceremony. Alice strongly encouraged me to wear the ensemble to my opening. As I descended into the gallery via a staircase Sam Fagan asked me if I what I was wearing were pajamas. Camouflé descendant un escalier.

No Soda We are Not Receptacles. The spirit level can make for an excellent hang. 

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