Sunday, May 26, 2013


Left-Handed Visual Artists
Appel, Karel
     Dutch Painter, Sculptor and Printmaker
Beaton, Sir Cecil
     English Photographer and Stage Designer
Borovilovsky, Vladimir
     Russian Painter
Borromini, Francesco
     Italian Architect
Bouvrie, Jan des
     Dutch Furniture Designer
Cambiaso, Luca
     Genovese Painter
Caniff, Milton
     American Comic and Sequential Artist
Crumb, R.
      American Comic and Sequential Artist
Dufy, Raoul
     French Painter
Dürer, Albrecht
     German Painter, Draftsman and Printmaker
Escher, M.C.
     Dutch Printmaker
Fuseli, Henry
     Swiss-born English Painter
Goyen, Jan van
     Dutch Painter and Draftsman
Grandville, J. J.
     French Caricaturist and Illustrator
Groening, Matt
     American Cartoonist
Guisewite, Cathy
     American Cartoonist
Holbein, the Younger, Hans
     Bavarian-born English Painter
Hughes, Patrick
     English sculptor and Painter
Jouvenet, Jean
     French Painter
Kincade, Thomas
     American Painter
Klee, Paul
     Swiss Painter
Landseer, Sir Edwin
     English Painter
Leonardo da Vinci
     Florentine Polymath
Mauldin, Bill
     American Cartoonist
Menzel, Adolph von
     German Painter, Printmaker and Teacher
Michelangelo (ambidextrous)
     Florentine Sculptor, Painter and Architect
     (Note: On the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel Adam, too, is left-handed)
Montelupo, Rafaello de
     Florentine Sculptor and Architect
Munch, Edvard
     Norwegian Painter and Printmaker
Nasmyth, Patrick
     Scottish Painter
Neiman, LeRoy
     American Printmaker, Painter and Sculptor
Oliphant, Pat
     American Political Cartoonist
Papety, Dominique
     French Painter
     Umbrian Painter and Architect
Regnault, Jean-Baptiste
     French Painter
Rembrandt van Rijn
     Dutch Painter and Engraver
Schäufelein, Hans
     German Painter and Designer
Sebastiano del Piombo
     Venetian Painter
Searle, Ronald
     English Cartoonist
Shansby, Eric
     American Cartoonist
Stanczak, Julian
     Polish-born American Painter
Umar Aqta
      Islamic Calligrapher under Sultan Timur
Williams, Robert
     LowBrow Artist Extraordinaire
Witz, Conrad
     German Painter
Yesari, Esad
     Ottoman Calligrapher

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