Thursday, September 20, 2012

The breakup of The Fugees

Producer Wyclef Jean stopped by the show today where he dished on a variety of topics that come up in his new autobiography.Though the Fugees have sold over 17 million albums, Wyclef pretty much summed it up saying that a reunion is not in the cards. While making jokes about antics of the group (like bringing a goat on stage) he reveal he doesn't speak to Lauryn but keeps in touch with Pras.

WHen it came to Lauryn Hill, Wyclef said he can talk about the fling now because he is past 40 (he's 43) and he wants everyone to know the truth....on record. He revealed that Lauryn led him to beleive that her firstborn was his child; but, he says when he got to the hospital he saw a "yellow baby." He knew then that he wasn't the father.

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